Enrich your application with self-service reports

Real-time data discovery and ad hoc report creation add value to your product.

Stay competitive by providing real-time self-service analytics for everyone, everywhere.

From scheduled operational reports needed to keep day-to-day business operations moving to ad hoc reports for visual data discovery.

display of an ad hoc report on an iMac

From a critical presentation in the boardroom to a quick check via cellphone, users can create and share their own ad hoc reports, without having to rely on IT.

For everyday users and power users.

The responsive drag and drop interface enables you to explore available data sources via an intuitive search feature. Users can adjust functions, create groupings, format reports, and set up filters. Create pivot tables, calculated fields, and add charts and data visualizations.

Easily share, schedule and save reports. Seamless integration within your application’s security model ensures that users retain appropriate access rights to their data.

Personalize report viewers and designers by tenant and role to deliver the appropriate level of functionality for each user.

example of an ad hoc report displayed responsively on a tablet
example of a pixel perfect form on an iMac


Create pixel perfect reports with forms. A self-service content creation UI with smart tags, fixed layout designers, HTML level controls, and mail-merge capabilities. Re-create legacy reports and forms quickly and easily.
Features and capabilities include:

  • WYSIWYG browser-based form designer
  • Pixel perfect and printer friendly reporting
  • Embedded subreports
  • Nested repeaters
  • Full export support: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML
  • Flexible filters
  • Smart tags
  • Embedded content from other sources through HTML

Ready to run pages:

  • Report List: Similar to a modern email inbox, text descriptions at a glance, search and sort by a dozen different criteria, view essential metadata. Get the ideal blend of straightforward functionality and repository management features.
  • Report Viewer: Data exploration, drilldown, comprehensive filtering, grids, gauges, charts, forms, maps, and more.
  • Report Designer: Grid-based design interface allows you to use an extensible array of report parts. Offers a simple and advanced mode to accommodate complex requirements and the everyday user.
  • Quick Edit: Make it simple for non-technical users to make quick adjustments to existing reports by adding new filters and fields, or rearranging a grid or chart type.
  • Report Templates: Ready made reports with preset data sources and report parts make it easy for basic users to easily create reports without having to start completely from scratch.
ad hoc report containing charts and gauges

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