NEW!  Monetizing Embedded Business Intelligence
Looking to increase revenue and differentiate your application from competitors’ offerings? Self-service business intelligence can be the solution to both of these needs.  DOWNLOAD

NEW!  Overcoming the 7 Challenges to Embedding BI in Applications
To ensure success in your embedded BI project, you’ll need to know, and plan for, these seven common challenges.  DOWNLOAD

 Embedded Analytics Bear Traps (and How to Avoid Them)
What to look for, what bear traps to avoid, and what questions to ask when you are comparing embedded analytics solutions.  DOWNLOAD

Enterprise-Ready Insight: Are You Embedding the Right Analytics?
This content brief from Aberdeen Group contains metrics from new research. Download it and benchmark your analytics against best in class companies.  DOWNLOAD

Infographic: The ROI of Embedded BI
Learn about the benefits embedded BI offers your organization in this infographic.


Product Manager’s Guide to Embedded BI
This is a step-by-step guide to evaluating embedded BI software products, including key demo takeaways, preparing for software trials, contract negotiations and planning for deployment.  DOWNLOAD

Is Power BI Embedded the Right Solution for Your Application?
This comparison guide explains the functionality Power BI Embedded currently delivers, how it differs from Power BI service, and factors to consider before choosing it to be your application’s self-service BI solution. DOWNLOAD

Preparing Your Database for Self-Service Analytics
This fact sheet addresses database performance issues that can arise during a self-service business intelligence implementation and outlines the pros and cons of different solutions.  DOWNLOAD

Revealing the Hidden Costs of Developer Tools
Developer toolkits are one option for implementing application reporting. But over time, hidden costs can make them an expensive choice for your application.  DOWNLOAD

Embedding Modern Self-Service BI in Applications
An overview of embedded self-service BI covering key requirements, end user expectations for analytics, and the value it delivers to applications. With case studies.  DOWNLOAD

cover of which embedded analytics tool is right for you from Eckerson Group, an embedded bi resource for download


Which Embedded Analytics Product is Right for You?
This report from Eckerson Group provides an overview of the embedded analytics landscape and a context for the variety of approaches to embedding. Includes vendor evaluation criteria.


Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence
This new report from renowned BI and analytics expert Wayne Eckerson provides an overview of the shift from traditional IT-centric tools to cutting edge embedded analytics platforms. DOWNLOAD

Embedded BI & Analytics Buyer’s Guide
This buyer’s guide is designed to help independent software vendors and others define and prioritize their requirements for an embedded BI software platform. Includes questions to ask vendors. DOWNLOAD

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution
Download this ebook now to learn how next generation embedded BI stacks up against analyst platforms in key areas such as licensing, time to market, scalability and more.  DOWNLOAD

Embedded BI: Build vs. Buy: 8 Key Considerations
This ebook answers eight common questions on the build vs buy debate, including topics such as usability, self-service, responsiveness and more.  DOWNLOAD

SSRS and Izenda: Comparing an Enterprise Reporting Tool and an Embedded BI Platform
This ebook discusses the strengths and shortcomings of the SSRS toolset in comparison to a modern self-service embedded BI platform, and covers important issues to consider related to embedding, mobile-readiness and licensing.  DOWNLOAD

the cover of the 2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence


2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence
This guide discusses the opportunities and the challenges of self-service BI, including how to measure performance and ensure success in your BI implementation.


After Crystal
How Self-Service Reporting Benefits Your Application, Developers and End Users
This guide reviews the reasons for moving off of this legacy reporting solution and explains why moving to self-service reporting improves your application. With case studies. DOWNLOAD

Outgrowing Homegrown BI
Comparing a Self-Service Embedded BI Platform with Homegrown Solutions
This ebook shares case studies and discusses the reasons why embedding a modern BI platform in your application can improve adoption and speed to market, while providing a cost-effective and robust reporting tool to end users.  DOWNLOAD

Embedded Analytics in the Self-Service BI Enterprise
From Gigaom Research. This report, underwritten by Izenda, finds it is imperative to embed modern BI (reporting, dashboards and visualizations) in the application users’ daily work.  DOWNLOAD

cover of the 4 stages of BI white paper, an embedded business intelligence resource for download


BI & Analytics in Applications: 4 Stages of Evolution
This guide will help you assess the stage (legacy, homegrown, analyst platform, fully embedded) of business intelligence as it currently exists in your application, and the opportunities and issues presented for moving your BI and analytics capabilities forward.


The ROI of Embedded BI
Embedded BI sets the stage for more productivity, collaboration, better attention to customers and increased revenue opportunities. This guide discusses the benefits of embedded BI, the build vs buy decision, total cost of ownership, and more.  DOWNLOAD

Securing Self-Service BI in Your Application
This fact sheet outlines an optimal solution for providing security on embedded business intelligence, which doesn’t require another end point for customers to administer.  DOWNLOAD


TCO Calculator
Our TCO calculator lets you accurately forecast the costs of and revenue from building analytics in house, and compares it with buying an analytics solution.  DOWNLOAD