Self-service BI for portals

Integrate into an existing portal or stand up your own fully branded portal.

Deliver self-service analytics to your extended ecosystem.

Your partners, customers and other stakeholders want insight, but the data they need isn’t always accessible. With Izenda your organization can deliver self-service analytics to your partners and clients within a portal, extranet or web application.

Set up a fully branded portal in days to provide stakeholders with key metrics on your product or service offering, or seamlessly integrate throughout your existing UX in a few weeks. With Izenda, all deployment options enable you to provide users with self-service analytics secured and tailored based on their roles. Izenda connects across multiple data sources to provide real-time data for analysis.

The best part? You don’t need a developer to do any of this.

Business man and woman looking at analytics on a desktop computer.

Ways to deploy as a self-service analytics portal.

Deploy as Your Own Portal

example of a fully branded analytics portal

Set up a fully branded portal in a matter of days to bring analytics to market ahead of your competitors, or as a phase one deliverable.

Launch within Your Existing Portal

example of a portal page launched from an existing portal or application

You get a full set of configurable and brandable pages, including lists, viewers and designers, that can be launched inside of your existing portal.

Integrate with Your Portal or Application

example of a portal with analytics in the form of graphs embedded on it

You can embed analytics (graphs, charts & visualizations) into any page of your existing portal or app, leveraging current authentication methods and workflows.

Your users and stakeholders won’t wait for reports. They want more than static pdfs and limited capability to customize reports and dashboards. They want the ability to create their own reports, dashboards and data visualizations in an intuitive self-service analytics experience.

Izenda can be easily configured to meet the needs of each user’s role within the workflow of the portal or application. Get higher rates of user adoption by providing users with an experience tailored to their unique needs.

Key usage metrics let you gauge user adoption and share best practices.

Robust administrative UI for easy customization and management. All the administrative functionality you need to support a self-service BI portal is available to you code-free, in a fully-featured administrative UI. Business analysts can set up, configure and administer the system without having to request technical support from developers and database administrators.

Our Admin UI provides:

  • Reusable data models & templates
  • Tenant, role and user management (SSO integration supported)
  • Tenant self-administration
  • Intuitive lists, designers, and viewers
  • Scheduling, sharing and alerts
close up view of a business intelligence report with a bar chart visualization on a laptop

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