Self-Service BI Solution Puts Developers Back on Track

Affiliated Acceptance Corp. LogoAffiliated Acceptance Corp. needed to put software developers back to work on their payment processing and back office system, but their call centers were being flooded with calls to create even basic reports for clients.

Fitness clubs and martial arts schools use Affiliated’s application for visual contracts, account management, scheduling, attendance tracking, personal training records and even belt management and training for martial arts schools. In its business model, clients get help from Affiliated’s call centers dealing with chargebacks and overdue payments


The problem was that Affiliated’s old business intelligence system only provided a limited number of reports. Users couldn’t take the data and port it out; everything had to be printed on paper. So Affiliated was forced to increase call center staff with developers to field inquiries for reports to work on producing needed reports. That kept Affiliated’s team away from developing value in the core application.


AAC chose Izenda as its new business intelligence reporting system to fit with the new SaaS platform their developers were building. Simplicity and usefulness were important in the choice. Integration took just three weeks.


Using Izenda’s embedded, self-service BI solution, busy gym owners can review dashboards with the ability to drill-in and through to other needed information so that they can rapidly make decisions.

Affiliated’s customers feel empowered and they now can spend time working with AAC on higher-order issues that help them move their business forward. User adoption has been rapid as Izenda’s ability to completely adopt the look and feel of AAC’s application provide users with a new experience they “felt like they already knew.”  The level of customer satisfaction has continued to increase as a result of the additional self-service functionality and easy onboarding to the new analytics package.

Affiliated developers and contact center staff are free to work on further software innovations and anticipating and solving potential client issues, rather than having to react to problems. Both provide significant value to customers who are competing against large companies with significant IT infrastructure.

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Izenda’s solution experts are familiar with many of the risks of software development, so they can help mitigate problems encountered with integrating a business intelligence solution?

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