Slack: A Software Company’s Honest Review

honest review of saas slack by izenda business intelligence

With around 70k paid teams and 8M+ daily end-users, Slack has become a vital component of the most efficient and collaborative workflows in the world – both big and small.

If you’re unfamiliar with Slack, imagine AOL Instant Messenger for business… on steroids.

A lot of people have taken notice.

Share documents, your status and even a few laughs with perfectly fitting features like GIPHY commands, secure and integrated file sharing, and face-to-face and -screen conferencing.

Slack preview SaaS app for BI platform Izenda

The library of features yields a never-ending “wow this function is awesome” effect among our staff and sending a snappy gif boosts moral more often than not.

“With Slack, We’re improving communication and enriching our internal culture, all while actually working.” – Brookelynn Ritter, Operations Analyst

Slack offers the internal communication solution your department is searching for and provides the perks you didn’t even know your workplace needed.

Our Experience

As a Business Intelligence (BI) platform with more than 4M+ daily end users ourselves, rapid and efficient internal communication is essential to providing our clients exceptional service.

Our entire team utilizes Slack: Product & Development, Accounting & HR, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success.

Our team is international – the ‘Zen Team’ can be found all around the globe in and out of different time zones.

Developers, designers, integration engineers and beyond come together on behalf of Izenda to serve our clients and keep our intelligence and reporting platform running seamlessly.

“Slack allows us to communicate inter-departmentally more regularly. Oh, and I love the gifs.” – Michael Clark, Manager of Customer Success

Sending a midnight message from Delhi to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA is now happening via Slack – not e-mail. Unread mention notifications, pinned messages and direct tags make staying in sync simple once more.

“Slack has made collaborating so easy and efficient. I’ve used it in two companies where I’ve worked and it’s been equally beneficial in both. Hope I never have to work without it!” – Marci Crawley, Marketing Manager

Most SaaS companies are expanding rapidly and prioritizing the ability to both communicate and collaborate more efficiently is a no-brainer.

Said vehicle for collaboration must be equal parts capable and reliable.

On both accounts, Slack scores a solid 100%.

Slack is reliable. App crashes are rare (as in, nearly non-existent) for both the mobile and web version.

Slack is capable. The organized channels allow for designated departments to focus on what matters and filter what doesn’t.

“Having been at Izenda for years, I contribute to several departments daily. This used to mean countless e-mails from colleagues that often didn’t get touched in time. With Slack, everything is instant and we’re solving a lot more problems faster than before.” – Josh Reiter, Sr. Solutions Architect

When you’ve got an endless amount of moving parts tied up in your day-to-day operations, it’s easy for the little things to get lost in translation. Not with Slack.


Our Conclusion

Regardless of your personal thoughts on the updated logo, we’re still plugging away day in and day out thanks to Slack’s powerful engine, ease of use and coveted reliability.

Whether you’ve got a team of two or 200K, Slack has the power to empower your work. So, thanks, Slack. We appreciate you!

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