Integration Services

The basics

Izenda will assist with the Core integration process as part of an Implementation Success Package. The items below must be completed before a product customization is made or product support is provided.

The Izenda Core Integration is complete when the following have been done:

  • Izenda Reports has been downloaded and copied onto the web server.
  • Connection strings have been configured.  One or more simple, clean views have been setup with relevant, meaningful names and common joins in place.
  • Izenda pages have been added to your application and those pages have been linked to your navigation.
  • Branding – Your logo has been applied to Izenda Reports.
  • Applying Security:  Security has been applied dynamically through Izenda’s API.  User credentials have been transferred to Izenda via an API when the user logs in to your application.  Izenda will restrict data, reports, data sources, categories, customers and capabilities based on this security information. This means that users cannot see reports or data that do not belong to them.
  • A library of three sample reports has been created which includes data, summaries, charts, a pivot report, a drill down report and filters.

At this time the relationship is transitioned to a steady state support environment.

Product Maintenance

The basics

Izenda maintenance includes general information on the product, information on how to use the product features and capabilities based on the Northwinds demo, product upgrades, as well as information on creating reports, and how to find technical documentation.

Availability of product support is available via email and telephone Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm eastern standard time, not including U.S. holidays. Product Maintenance does not include assistance with development or integration.

Included with Product Maintenance is information related to:

  • Access to product fixes, new releases and updates
  • Assistance configuring and customizing reports
  • Documentation of the Izenda API, Quick Start Guide and Best Practices
  • Code samples for common customizations
  • Assistance with using Designer, Viewer, List and settings pages via a web browser
  • Setting up a single connection string
  • Selecting existing visible tables and views
  • Adding simple image headers
  • Enabling or disabling features globally

Support renews annually with software subscription.