The Izenda Embedded BI and Analytics Scholarship

College student at computer in classroom.Izenda is proud to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of aspiring data scientists and analysts who are currently attending an accredited American educational institution through its scholarship program.

We live in the Age of Analytics, where the growth of data has provided us new insight in healthcare, the environment, political campaigns, and a variety of other worldwide trends. Modern day technology has not only produced more data, but has allowed anybody to explore and draw conclusions of their own from it. Future technologies will provide us with even more insight and capabilities.

At Izenda, our mission is to create agile, embedded business intelligence (BI) solutions that enable people to make better business decisions based on the data acquired by the applications they use every day. We have confidence the new generation entering the workforce is ready to further revolutionize BI solutions and how it impacts the way business is done.

This year, we will reward one undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university a $1,000 Izenda Embedded BI and Analytics Scholarship. We are proud to provide this award to students who are interested in pursuing a career that focuses on improving the way we use data to make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

How to Apply

Visit our Izenda scholarship page and follow the directions on how to apply:

To be eligible, you must:

Be currently enrolled, or accepted as a student, in an accredited American college or university
Submit a scan of your current student ID with your completed application using the online form.

The work you submit should be entirely your own. Do not submit coursework you were assigned in a class you have taken. To be eligible for the scholarship, all items must be submitted by March 31, 2016. Please note that your submission must be your own work and will become the property of Izenda, Inc.

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