Types of Charts: Popular Examples and Customization

Customers often ask how many different types of charts we provide. While there are only a few basic chart types, thousands of variations may be created with by tweaking the settings via the designer or API. This article shows eight popular examples of both basic and advanced charts. If you’d like to know how to create or enable a certain type of chart, please contact your account manager with an example of what you’d like.

Line Chart

Steps: Create plot chart with an X and Y axis. Enable connect.

Chart plot

Multi-Valued Plot Chart

Steps: Create plot chart with a separator, connect and legend.

Multi plot chart example

Scatter  Plot

Steps: Create a  plot chart with just the x and y defined
Scatter plot chart example

Pareto Chart

Steps: Create a bar chart and check Pareto
Pareto chart example

Bar Chart with Separator

Steps:  Create a bar chart with a separator and legend.

Bar chart example

Exploded Donut Chart with Value and Percentage Labels

Steps: Create a pie chart with type=donut, value labels, percentage labels and explode largest slice turned on.

Exploded donut chart example

3D Pie Chart

Steps: Create a pie chart with 3D.

3D pie chart example

Funnel Chart

Steps: Create funnel chart based on month.

Funnel chart example

Custom Charts

The Izenda Reports API actually lets you deliver thousands of potential charts and styles via the CustomizeChart hook.  If there is a certain type of chart you are trying to create, send us a picture and our support team can work with you to create something similar.

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