We Love: the Manifesto for Minimalist Software Engineers

By April 22, 2013Tips

Many of these bold ideas about minimalist software engineering are the basis of our work at Izenda. If we’ve removed all the clutter and unnecessary barriers to a smart, well-designed product, we believe this benefits our clients, partners, and their end users too. We love seeing these guidelines so simply expressed.



  • Fight for Pareto‘s law, look for the 20% of effort that will give you the 80% of results.
  • Prioritize, minimalism isn’t about not doing things but about focusing first in the important.
  • Perfect is enemy of good, first do it, then do it right, then do it better.
  • Kill the baby, don’t be afraid of starting all over again. Fail soon, learn fast.
  • Add value. Think constantly how you can help your team and position yourself in that field/skill.
  • Basics, first. Follow always a top-down thinking starting by the best-practises of CS.
  • Think different. Simple is harder than complex, which means you’ll need to use your creativity.
  • Synthesis is the key of communication. We have to write code for humans not machines.
  • Keep it plane. Try to keep your designs with few layers of indirection.
  • Clean kippel and redundancy. Minimalism is all about removing distractions.