What Did You Miss Last Week in BI & Analytics?

white paper BI Options Traditional vs Truly EmbeddedDid you miss last week’s blog and reports posted on our website? Here’s a chance to check them all out in one easy location. After reading your favorites, contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Blog Posts

Izenda Talks Embedded Business Intelligence on TAG Radio

Are you ready to compete in the economy driven by data?  Find out the secrets you need to know and why information Business Intelligence is important now rather than later.

Is Java Dying?

As technology evolves, the underpinnings of that technology need to change. Or do they? While Fortran is no longer the dominant language, there is still a large amount of code out there written in it. That code will likely never be updated. And so that brings us to Java. Is Java on the way out?

Defensive Programming: Is it Paranoia or Smart Coding?

Do you expect your code to fail when it comes into contact with users? Should a developer write code expecting that everyone who uses it will try their best to break it?

White Papers

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution

Izenda vs. Homegrown BI Applications: Comparing a Self-Service Embedded BI Platform with Homegrown Solutions

Embedded BI: Build vs Buy: 8 Key Considerations When Adding BI & Analytics to Your Software