What Is the Future of JavaScript?

What does the future hold in store for JavaScript?

Developers using JavaScript seem to find the controversy du jour. Despite its prevalence both in business and client applications, it’s often maligned by its detractors. But JavaScript is actually poised to take over the programming world soon, both for its ubiquity and the changes in its delivery system that will increase its utility and responsiveness.

Developers and product managers should pay close attention to changings coming for JavaScript.  Let’s look at what’s in store for its future.

Quick Training Means Fast Implementation

One simple reason explains why JavaScript will increase its market share in the near future: economy of resources. JavaScript’s ease of use, with the computing done on the client’s end, could lead to more businesses choosing it for their programming needs.

Additionally, JavaScript requires little training to become proficient. This allows businesses to put JavaScript systems in place quickly.

Continued Benefit to Customers and Businesses

One of the primary reasons strengthening its hold on the programming world is computing power and speed.

Compared to alternatives, JavaScript has an extremely low fragmentation level. This leads to much faster refresh rates and shorter downtimes in the event of an outage.

JavaScript also offers extreme power in a compact package. That power and size lead to an increased usage on mobile sites. In an age where most people connect with businesses through smartphones, that’s important. JavaScript, more than any other programming platform, offers the flexibility that businesses need to respond to consumer demand.

How JavaScript Will Take Over Programming

But why is this platform destined to take over?

Thenew JavaScript specification intends to streamline delivery, offering smaller updates on a more consistent basis that will help improve functionality and add necessary features as they receive approval. Expect quicker response time in relation to user need.

While JavaScript started as a web-based platform, it is now poised to take over the desktop world. The growth in this market and its strong web development and mobile presence position JavaScript to become the premier programming language for years to come. Expanding its use and improving accessibility secures its place.

Is JavaScript Right for Your Business?

If your business uses web-based applications, then you already use JavaScript, even if you don’t know it. Izenda‘s embedded analytics platform drives more success for your organization.

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