White Label Your BI Software – 5 Reasons Why

White Label Your BI Software

Discover Why You Win When You White Label Your BI Software

Consider the many benefits that come when you white label your BI software. When you encounter a hurdle with data visualization in your business, your first instinct may be to try to find a solution in-house. In many cases, however, building out your own solution can lead to more hassle, a slower time to market and diverting resources that would be better served elsewhere.  

In these situations, a white label data visualization solution can be the answer. “White label” refers to a service that’s made by one company and sold by another, so they can be customized to a specific brand, logo and identity.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost of buying software and putting it into your application is lower on average than the cost of developing and building it out yourself.

Faster Time to Market

Your time to market is significantly faster with white labeling. It allows you to offer a new product or a wider range of services, complete with your own branding, much faster than building in-house. By choosing a reputable and experienced third-party white-label analytics platform, you’re bypassing all the extra work and time involved in developing your own software to perform the same task. Because of this, you’re also able to scale and grow much faster.

Enhance Your Brand

White label your BI software to increase user adoption by making your application more robust and capable in functionality without sacrificing the look and feel your customer base is used to interacting with. By making your BI solution look and feel like your current application, you’re making it easier for your customers to use and move through. The more customizable your white label solution, the better. By ensuring the coherence of your application, you eliminate the risk of your application appearing as if a solution were bolted onto it. You create the perception that your new BI solution is a normal part of your application that you’ve always had.

If you’re looking to expand your business services and establish your business as a serious competitor, offering products or services under another brand’s name won’t help. When your customers see other brand names within the product you offer, it messes with their confidence in your brand because they feel you don’t have complete control and ownership over their experience with your product. This is why Izenda becomes completely invisible within your application so your customers will have a seamless experience and never guess that there’s a high-grade third-party solution running behind the scenes.  With white-label analytics, you’ll be able to retain your current customers and gain more, all with a solution that enhances your business’s reputation as a serious industry competitor.

Focus on Core Competency

While building your own embedded reporting software to address your customers’ needs gives you full control at code level, it takes a lot of time and energy from the main focus of your business. This is especially true if you don’t have the team in place to take on the change, which only adds more time and effort into getting things up and running. By adding a label to proven software, or white labeling one component of your software, you’ll spare yourself the risk, capital and time, while also giving your customers a seamless, reliable product.

Benefit From the Experience of Other Professionals

When you choose to take on the development of your own software or software component, you may find yourself repeating the mistakes of others. With white label solutions, you’ll benefit from the trial and error of professionals who have been in the business for a while and have been continuously improving their product. As a result, you benefit from their experience and success without risking your own resources.

What to Look for in a White Label Provider

When it comes to these benefits, not all third-party services are created equal. With the right company, white labeling can provide you with the same benefits of building, such as customization and control, without fronting the resources to build it yourself.

Look for a company with a solid solution, a positive reputation and track record, experience being a white-label partner and exceptional support and service for the on-boarding process. With the right company, you’ll have a solution that’s invisible within your existing software, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. White label your BI software to outperform your competition,  consistently deliver more than your customers expect, and grow your user base. 

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