White Papers

Monetizing Embedded BI

Monetizing Embedded BI


Embedding BI Applications

Overcoming the 7 Challenges to Embedding BI in Applications

blindfolded man on a rock overlooking an abyss

Embedded Analytics Bear Traps (and How to Avoid Them)

Product Manager's Guide to Embedded BI

Product Manager’s Guide to Embedded BI

Choosing a BI Solution

Is Power BI Embedded the Right Solution for Your Application?

Self-Service Analytics

Preparing Your Database for Self-Service Analytics

Developer Tools

Revealing the Hidden Costs of Developer Tools

Self-service BI in Applications

Embedding Modern Self-Service BI in Applications

Embedded Analytics Product

Which Embedded Analytics Product is Right for You?

Future of Business Intelligence

Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

Analytics Buyers Guide

Embedded BI & Analytics Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Right BI Solution

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution

Embedded BI Build vs Buy

Embedded BI: Build vs. Buy: 8 Key Considerations

white paper SSRS and Izenda

SSRS and Izenda

Comparing an Enterprise Reporting Tool and an Embedded BI Platform

Self-Service Business Intelligence

2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence

white paper: After Crystal

After Crystal


Outgrowing Homegrown BI

Outgrowing Homegrown BI

white paper: BI & Analytics in Applications: 4 Stages of Evolution

BI & Analytics in Applications: 4 Stages of Evolution

ROI of Embedded BI

The ROI of Embedded BI

Securing Self-service BI

Securing Self-Service BI in Your Application

TCO calculator

TCO Calculator