Why an Embedded BI & Analytics Solution Makes Sense

Business intelligence gearsWould you believe me if I told you that an embedded business intelligence and analytics component could be added to your application in no more than a couple of weeks – or even faster than that? A self-service BI and analytics solution would include reports, dashboards and data visualizations. And it would include your branding.

I’ll bet you think your development team can write the code for a successful BI and analytics solution for your core application. And you probably are correct. However, consider this: How long did it take to design and write the code for your application? Months or years? How much time is spent by your developers in coding the regular feature and maintenance updates?

Between the time spent creating the newest versions of your product and that providing maintenance and support for current – and even legacy versions of your software – what time is left to add another major product?

A BI solution vendor spends just as much time doing the same type of coding for product updates and maintenance as any other ISV. Like other software vendors, a BI vendor has developers who have become experts in their field. They play to their core strengths in creating a BI solution that can be integrated within other applications.

Of course your developers want to learn new skills. But that desire should be channeled into the needs of the core application today and for the future. Pulling them away from the key product will delay improvements that are necessary for the changing development environment.

Don’t get stuck in the fallacy that building your own BI solution directly into your application will be easier than embedding a third-party BI solution. Vendors design their BI products for easy integration, and have become experts at it. This also makes it easy to change to another BI solution if your choice does not work out.

As a result of choosing an embedded BI and analytics solution from a third party, you should be able to expect a faster time to market – which should bode well for a better ROI.

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