Color theme for Chart, Gauge, and Map


  • Izenda v2.9.0 and higher provides a pre-defined list of color themes, new customized themes can be added by Application Administrators.

  • The color theme list is available for the following purposes:

    • Set default color theme for System or Tenant level.
    • Customize the color theme applying Chart, Gauge or Map report parts.


  • In API > Themes folder, application administrators can add or update color themes by adding new files or updating existing files.
  • A color theme file is a JSON file that contains an array of HEX color codes

  • A color theme name is the file name for each JSON file

  • As general best practice we recommend limiting special characters used in the file names to spaces, underscores and dashes

  • It is recommended that each theme contain 12 color codes, files can contain less or more and charts will utilize the codes available. Themes with less will show X where the empty codes should be displayed, with more, the extra color codes will not be shown.

    Example: The mariner.JSON is a color theme file with the content:

       "colors": ["#2f7ed8", "#0d233a", "#8bbc21", "#910000", "#1aadce", "#492970", "#f28f43", "#77a1e5", "#c42525", "#a6c96a", "#d86524", "#707cd3"]


  • Any changes made or new themes added, will only display in the application after the API site has been restarted.
  • Only one theme per file is supported.