Logging to a Database

Log Contents

Izenda 7 allows users to configure different levels of logging. By default, the logging level is set to “INFO” which can be in the API Web.config file by the line <levelMin value="INFO" />.

Recorded Logs

  • Who ran a report/dashboard
    • Our logs for reports/dashboards contain username and tenantname information.
  • What report/dashboard was ran
    • Our logs for reports/dashboards contain GUIDs in the requests whens someone loads a report/dashboard.
  • When it was ran
    • Every API log contains a timestamp.
  • The parameters/filters and values used to generate a report
    • The filters are in the executed queries for the above calls.

List of Logging levels


Storing Logs in a Database

In order to write the recorded logs into a database, please see our setup guide here.

Potential Caveats

  • Depending on how frequent the logs are writing to the database, there may be some extra overhead when querying the database.