Dashboard List

The Dashboard List and Viewer page allows user to

  • browse and search for dashboards
  • copy and move dashboards between categories
  • switch to presentation mode
  • configure sharing access
  • set up subscriptions and scheduled delivery
  • rename and delete dashboards and dashboard categories
  • print dashboard
  • email dashboard
  • design dashboard
  • configure child report parts:
    • view, quick edit and design report parts in new window
    • print and export report parts
    • re-select report parts

Browse Dashboards

  1. In browser, log in to Izenda as a user with Dashboard permission.

  2. Click Dashboards.

  3. The dashboards are listed in their respective categories and sub-categories.


    Fig. 359 Dashboard List

  4. Click the plus icon on the right to view dashboard properties (Fig. 360).


    Fig. 360 Dashboard Properties in Dashboard List

  5. The buttons at the bottom allow user to Open (in Dashboard Designer), Copy or Move to another name or category, Print, Email, add Subscriptions, or Detele the dashboard.

Search for Dashboards

The Search box at the top allows user to search for specific dashboards.

  1. Select a specific element to search for in the dropdown on the left of the Search box. Default is All.
  2. Type a partial name and click the search icon (🔍).
  3. The matching dashboards will be displayed.

Rename Dashboard Categories

  1. ../_images/Report_List_-_Category_Rename_Icon.png

    Fig. 362 Dashboard List - Rename Category

    Click the pencil icon to rename a dashboard category.

  2. ../_images/Report_List_-_Category_Rename_Confirmation.png

    Fig. 363 Dashboard List - Confirm New Category Name

    Enter the name in place and click the check icon to save.

  3. ../_images/Report_List_-_Category_Rename_Duplication_Error.png

    Fig. 364 Dashboard List - Duplicated New Category Name

    The new name will be checked for duplication with existing categories.

Copy or Move Dashboard

  1. Click the Copy or Move button to open the pop-up.
  2. The pop-up is similar to Report (Copy a Report and Move a Report)
  3. Click OK to close the pop-up and perform the operation.

Manage Subscriptions for Current User

  1. Click the Subscribe button to open Subscription box.
  2. Add and Edit Dashboard Subscription are similar to Report Subscription.
  3. To delete multiple subscriptions:
    1. Tick the checkboxes beside each one.
    2. Click the now enabled Delete icon at the bottom (that looks like a waste basket)
  4. Click Close to collapse Subscription box.

Fig. 365 Dashboard Subscription Delete Multiple

Manage Schedule Deliveries

  1. Click the Schedule button to open Schedule list.
  2. The Schedule List, Search, Add and Delete functions are similar to Report Designer.


  1. Click the Email button and select either Link or Embedded HTML to open Compose Email pop-up.
  2. The Compose Email pop-up is similar to Dashboard Designer.

View Dashboard

Click on a dashboard’s name to go to Dashboard Designer screen.

Configure Child Report Parts

Click the Configuration mode (page flip) icon on report part’s title bar to configure it and show the Report Part Menu.

  • The title and description can be edited and formatted.
  • The Report Part Menu allows user to:
    • View, quick edit and design report parts in new window
    • Print and export report parts
    • Re-select report parts by clicking Select Report Part button, then select another report part in Report Part Selection pop-up similarly to the steps in Dashboard Designer.

Fig. 366 Report Part Menu in Dashboard