Modern, Self-Service Business Intelligence for End Users

Data No Longer Belongs to IT

Give the right people insight into their data, when they need it, without adding another layer of security or another reporting request to IT.

Izenda’s embedded BI and analytics software lets end users create reports, dashboards and data visualizations inside the applications they use every day, while maintaining the integrity of an organization’s existing security model.

With Izenda, the time between question, answer and action is reduced for any professional in any department.

end user performing ad-hoc BI reporting in real-time
Business user exploring data visualization drill down during a meeting

Make Users Business Intelligence Experts

Business and technical users across the organization need answers now. They can’t wait weeks for a custom report that’s already out of date on the day it’s delivered. They don’t have time to submit requests to a centralized BI or analytics team that puts their perspective on the data. They want to explore data in real-time visualizations and self-service dashboards.

Instead of relying on IT to change and customize reports, Izenda lets users take reporting needs into their own hands. Our platform empowers the professionals using your software to make smart decisions that drive their business forward.

Make Sense of Data

Metrics matter now more than ever. With Izenda’s business intelligence platform embedded inside it, applications get smarter, and so do users.

Izenda helps business and technical users solve problems more quickly by turning data into intelligence that they can easily understand.

a cellphone displays Izenda ad-hoc BI software charts and drill downs, with London in the background
an iPad displays Izenda business intelligence charts and drill down reports responsively

Responsive Design

End users securely interact with BI and Analytics through a rich, 100% web-based interface, on any device anytime, anywhere. There’s no need to develop and maintain a mobile app – users can get real-time access to create, customize and consume reports and dashboards through any browser.

Ready for the Cloud

Izenda brings BI and Analytics seamlessly into your application whether users engage your application in the cloud, on-premise, or through a hybrid model.

Learn why the future of analytics is embedded. Download the new Eckerson Group report.  Download the Report