Developer Conferences to Look Out for in 2018

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Software developers can find it a challenge to keep pace with the advances and changes in programming languages, frameworks and development tools. Sometimes Reddit, Stack Overflow and other online resources just don’t cut it. That’s when IRL interactions at a tech conference can really help.

This list of scheduled and anticipated conferences for 2018 is by no means complete, as many are still on the drawing board or have only tentative dates and speakers – for now.

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DeveloperWeek 2018

Feb. 3-7, San Francisco, CA
DeveloperWeek 2018 spotlights new dev technologies with the theme “The Industrial Revolution of Code.” Different tracks include JavaScript, blockchain and AI. Don’t miss keynotes from Nicholas Caldwell of Reddit and Jason Warner of GitHub that focus on scaling teams and applications.


Feb. 21-23, Atlanta, GA
A broad range of speakers and topics at this conference attests to the reality that Java is still alive and well. DevNexus topics covered this year include architecture, frameworks, security, performance, and microservices. Look for expert speakers like Doris Chen of Microsoft who will speak on what’s new in Typescript.

LeanAgileUS 2018

Feb. 26-27, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Developers looking to transition to the role of PM will find value in the variety of topics dear to product managers scheduled for this conference. Particularly irresistible is Ryan Latta’s talk titled Retrospectives: 548 Days to Fix 1 Line of Code.

RSA Conference 2018

April 16-20, San Francisco, CA
Digital security breaches dominated the headlines in 2017, and an understanding of security remains highly relevant (and high paying) for developers. The RSA conference showcases the latest security-related tech and also includes workshops to help you get credentialed in high-paying security technologies.

GOTO Chicago 2018

April 24-26, Chicago, IL
Attend GOTO Chicago 2018 to gain the skills and learn about the technologies and methodologies for building systems of the future. Developers might find this a great time to dive into machine learning in a workshop led by instructor Phil Winder. Or check out his very timely talk on the dark side of algorithms Life and Death Decisions: Testing Data Science.

deliver:Agile 2018

April 30-May 2, Austin, TX
Agile tools, DevOps, UX and cloud computing will be topics at this conference. You can learn best practices on supporting an evolving Agile engineering strategy and meet fellow practitioners, including developers, infrastructure engineers, UX designers and data scientists. Does empathy drive your development? If you can “talk” to your computer but not to people, make sure you attend the keynote address by Andrea Goulet, CEO of Corgibytes.

google-io 2018

May 8-10 2018, Mountain View, CA
@googledevs #io18
Google’s big developer event, with technical sessions, well-known keynote speakers and new products. Sure, this will be a super cool conference, even if it doesn’t help you get your project live.

PYCON 2018

May 9-17, Cleveland, OH
You may not be able to set aside nine days to attend this conference in its entirety. But there’s a lot planned, including tutorials, over a hundred talks, a job fair, and developer sprints to collaborate on open source projects.

Deconstruct 2018

May 21-22 2018, Seattle, WA
Sixteen twenty-five minute talks on a wide range of fascinating topics from speakers who this year will include Sandi Metz and Allison Parrish.

PHP[TEK] 2018

May 31-June 1, Atlanta, GA
As a .NET application, we have in the past given PHP development the short shift. The reality is that the lion’s share of web applications are written in it. This is the 13th year for this conference (held in our own backyard, Atlanta!) and it looks to cover a lot of ground from using MySQL as a NoSQL data store to Gutenberg, and with talks aimed at beginners as well as seasoned developers looking to move into management. And did we mention it’s held in Atlanta?

Better Software West Conference

June 3-8, Las Vegas, NV
Learn what’s needed to build better software at this conference, which encompasses the entire application lifecycle.


June 12-15, San Francisco
This year’s event has added more hands on training for attendees. In addition to certification training & testing, speakers will cover subjects that include: integrating legacy apps with Docker, Windows container security, and leveraging Docker for microservices.

DeveloperWeek New York

June 18-20, Brooklyn NY
Includes blockchain, ML, microservices/API and JavaScript tracks; your manager might even want to attend the DevExec track that covers topics on hiring and managing dev teams.

Chain React

July 11-13, Portland OR
One day workshop, then two days of topics for both beginners and advanced developers, plus 10-minute TED Talk-style lightning rounds.

Mid Atlantic Dev Con

July 13-14, Baltimore MD
It’s the debut for this event, which aims to bring a conference to the underserved middle Atlantic states. It will cover cloud, mobile and web development, and as such, speakers will be from a wide range of verticals and software technologies – many from the region. Priced at an affordable $295, with a virtual event option as well.

Microsoft Inspire

July 15-19, Las Vegas
On the other side of the conference spectrum is Microsoft’s splashy Inspire conference held in Las Vegas (but of course). It’s mostly business leadership (thus the “inspire” bit) but there are a few sessions on Azure.

An Event Apart

July 30-Aug 1, Washington DC
Three day conference on UX, with a wide range of topics including accessibility, page content, progressive web apps, page speed, even tech and humanism.

Visual Studio Live!

Aug 13-17, Redmond WA
The theme “Celebrate Yesterday’s Technology As We Prepare You for the Future!” does not really sound inspiring, but you can’t fault an agenda packed with DevOps, web, Visual Studio and cloud tracks. Days 1 & 5 are dedicated to workshops for developers.

An Event Apart

Aug 27-29, Chicago, IL
If you missed the DC event, here’s a second chance to attend this conference that covers a wide range of UX topics.

2018 UtahJS Conference

Sept 14, Sandy, UT
It’s no surprise that the Silicon Slopes foster a strong developer community. Case in point: this is the UtahJS conference’s seventh go-round.

TechCrunch Disrupt

Sept 18–20, San Francisco
Networking, hackathons, yadda, yadda, yadda. But if you have an idea and are looking for funding, this is the place to be.


Oct 17-19, Atlanta, GA
A front end developer conference featuring both presentations and hands-on workshops on a wide range of topics, including React, Angular, Vue, JS, web and mobile development.

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