Failure to Use BI Sinks an Organization Like the Titanic

By November 5, 2015Embedded BI

TitanicLinkedIn serves as an unbelievable resource for connecting with clients and prospects  and keeping up with the latest news and on occasion a bit of humor.  Today’s breakdown of news was no exception as an image of what the Titanic sinking in 2015 would look like caught my eye.

The obvious takeaway is how much mobile phones dominate our lives. Capturing the moment with photo or video in real-time is the hallmark of our times. Consider the difference in eight years between two different papal inaugurations. Certainly a surplus of photos would be easily available from that event but the photo shows that everyone demands to capture the moment when and how they want in real-time.

The world of embedded business intelligence and analytics is no exception. Izenda routinely works with organization’s whose current reporting solution will not support their plans to move their application to the cloud, so they need a new embedded BI and analytics solution that can integrate seamlessly with their web application and fully support the responsive design.

What is also interesting about the Titanic 2015 photo is what it says about the future of self-service BI and analytics and the utility of it if it is not deployed in the right way.  Every person in that photo is fully empowered to achieve the desired result in real-time; unfortunately, they are all capturing amazing photos while floating in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic – a terminal condition. The time to empower users to solve the big problems was earlier.

In that way embedded BI and analytics should be about complementing the things that are most important to what each person does in using an application not just proliferating more capabilities. What are users really doing with the BI and analytics they are consuming?  Is it really too little too late. Everyone pictured in the photo above holds in their hands more computing power then what sent American’s to the moon and they are all going to freeze to death in the north Atlantic. Infusing the right amount of analytics to complement the application workflow rather than empowering discrete silos of analytical capabilities will keep the ship afloat and on the right course.

This photo would have been perfect for capturing another obsession in the larger BI and analytics space if we could have seen a break-out of the bridge filled with a select few officers and data scientists loaded to bear with data from IoT from sensors throughout the ship and Big Data from numerous partners all disconnected from the day-to-day operations of the ship and the needs of everyone who supports it.

To be successful an embedded self-service BI and analytics solution needs to complement the workflow of the host application and appropriately complement the utility and security model of the host application. In that way, every user is making data-driven decisions in the application they are using daily instead of leveraging amazing tools and capabilities after finding themselves in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

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