4 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Connect JS in Atlanta October 17-18

By September 22, 2014BI Innovation

Connect JavaScript ConferenceJavaScript is the workhorse of the Web. Not only ubiquitous but offering endless possibilities. Next month we’re headed to Connect.js 2014 in Atlanta to learn from the experts and deliver some original JS development ideas of our own (check out Izenda CEO Sanjay’s session!)

Connect.js is a new JavaScript conference taking place in Atlanta, on Friday Oct. 17 and Saturday Oct. 18. We picked some of the sessions that truly highlight the versatility of JavaScript from building enterprise JS applications to teaching machine learning fundamentals with JS.

JavaScript Sessions We Recommend

Time: Friday 1-2 p.m.
Speaker: Pete Hodgson

Session Details: Theory and Practice of Functional Reactive Javascript

The re-emergence of functional programming coincides nicely with the JavaScript renaissance. But where does the UI fit in? In this talk we’ll cover the core concepts of Functional Reactive Programming while learning a practical application of them using Bacon.js. You’ll learn how to build user interface components in a clear, declarative style by modeling both user interaction and back-end processing using one clean abstraction: streams of events.

Time: Friday 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Speaker: Jonathan Martin

Session Details: Teach JS About Aesthetics with Machine Learning

Learn how to teach JS about aesthetics with machine learning by exploring the fundamental concepts and algorithms behind it. Move over Number 5: Artificial Intelligence is a relic of 1986. It’s 2014: the era of Machine Learning + Big Data.

Machine learning helps power everything from Google Now to the lowly OS X Preview app — but you don’t have to be a Prolog or eCommerce geek to harness its power! In this session, software developer and instructor Jonathan Martin of Big Nerd Ranch, will give you a whirlwind tour of the fundamental concepts and algorithms in machine learning, then explore a front-end application: selecting the “best” photos to feature on our photo sharing site.

Don’t expect mathematically laborious derivations of SVM kernels or the infinite VC dimension of Neural Nets, but we will gain enough intuition to make informed compromises (thanks to the No Free Lunch theorem, everything is a compromise) in our pursuit of aesthetically-intelligent machines.

Time: Saturday 10 – 11 a.m.
Speaker: Micah Wedemeyer

Session Details: The Future of JavaScript: ES5, ES6, and Beyond

Learn about the history of JavaScript, how it has changed, and where it is going. Learn the timelines for adoption of the new features, both in the browsers and in other environments like Node. Finally, learn how you can use the advanced features today, even in environments that don’t natively support them.

Time: Saturday 2-3 p.m.
Speaker: Sanjay Bhatia, CEO, Izenda

Session Details: Transforming Enterprises: Our Visual Journey From Traditional .NET to D3, Angular and Bootstrap

Modern platforms awe and amaze, but how do you transition enterprise codebases and cultures toward a modern and open stack capable of delivering data visually? Rebuilding the engine while it’s running is hard but very doable. In this talk we’ll go over the challenging but meaningful journey and where it lead us. We’ll cover best practices and lessons learned that we learned and talk about the power of visualization to transform human perception.

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