Avoid Vendors with Hidden Costs in Software Licensing

By August 17, 2016Embedded BI

Beware hidden costs when buying a software license for embedded analytics.Buying a software license resembles buying a car – you can suffer from sticker shock for all the extras that drive the price up. Purchasing embedded business intelligence software puts you at risk for the same kind of “gotchas” if you don’t ask enough questions.

Embedded BI continues to gain more attention these days. On a daily basis, Izenda works with ISVs and other software companies who ask us to help distinguish licensing models as they consider OEM solutions.

Before buying an embedded solution ISV product managers and software company executives pull together a proforma to make a purchase decision. They’ll usually compare their options in a grid.

How Much Does That Software Really Cost?

Our first bit of advice? Every embedded BI product evaluation should follow an apples to apples comparison of different licensing models and other hidden costs that are part of the total cost of ownership. This breaks down to two primary questions to start the comparison:

  • What else do you have to pay for to get live?
  • What does it really cost you to deploy and maintain the solution?

Izenda Licensing Safeguards Innovation for Your App

Izenda’s subscription-based licensing of our embedded business intelligence platform serves as a safeguard to innovation. Without regular improvements and feature updates, what client would ever renew their subscription?

Future proofing our self-service BI solution delivers value to ISVs. But while this is critical for your application’s continued success, we don’t even consider it the top benefit. Price certainty remains the strongest positive about Izenda’s licensing. You’ll know the costs no matter what the circumstances. That’s whether your application’s release is delayed or if you achieve runaway customer usage. Unlike other products, you won’t have to pay more.

Our scale up model allows your software organization to invest in increasing user adoption. And it increases the value you gain from having Izenda embedded in your application.

What features does the vendor get?

  • Certainty of cost in future years
  • Unlimited use of Izenda
  • All developer instances
  • No per core or per user fees
  • No limit to the number of tenants, instances or users if Izenda deploys inside of a multi-tenant application
  • Updates and enhancements included in annual subscription

The pricing certainty extends to use by an ISV’s development team and application users. Izenda licensing allows for unlimited use for all developer instances with no per core or per user fees. You’ll get updates and enhancements included as part of the annual subscription.

Adding new users won’t cost any more. Izenda puts no limit on the number of end users in an application or their ability to use the self-service BI platform. Other solutions set costs on a pay per view basis. Izenda invests with ISVs in user adoption.

This lack of limits extends to multitenancy. We set no limit on the number of users or their ability to use the solution. We want them to increase user adoption and monetize it.

Any user of Izenda bundled inside the host application has the ability to use Izenda. We don’t impose extra fees for design instances. But no matter how you choose to give the user access, it won’t affect pricing. This gives you the freedom to do whatever you need to grow your business without worrying about licensing costs or restrictions.

Unlimited use allows the ISV to expand without concerns of cost for separate instances of development. That gives it freedom to do what’s needed to grow its business without licensing worries.

An ISV can choose to monetize Izenda’s embedded BI however it wants. If you want, you can sell BI as a module for your application. Or you can charge customers on per user basis. Other options include selling it as a higher tier of service or include it as part of a new product release or update. Price certainty gives the ISV the freedom to run the business to maximize revenue.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Embedded BI Solution

So remember these benefits to buying a license to Izenda’s embedded BI:

  • Price certainty application adoption ramp up cost shared by Izenda. The ISV gets a discount as the application moves from integration to implementation to release.
  • Can monetize data in multiple ways without concern about price changes. The organization can sell Izenda BI as a module for the app, charge customers on per user basis, sell as a higher tier of service or give it away. The choice is up to the ISV.
  • Risk of price changes removed.
  • Keeps pressure and burden of innovation on Izenda to earn ISV’s business every year.
  • ISV can proceed to grow its business without worrying about costs or restrictions.

See how Izenda can help you achieve superior ROI. Request a price quote.