ISVs Find Power of Cloud With Azure

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More than 40 percent of the revenue Microsoft collects through Azure comes from start-ups and ISVs, according to Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group.

Guthrie was speaking to developers at today’s session of Microsoft Build in San Francisco. Undoubtedly many of these smaller companies consider business intelligence as essential to their success. In fact, a BI Leadership Benchmark Report on BI in the Cloud revealed that medium- and small-sized companies are a bit more likely to adopt cloud BI than large companies.

Wayne Eckerson, author of the report, said that cloud BI is ideal for smaller companies with fewer IT resources, limited capital to spend on servers and software, and minimal to no BI expertise.

Cloud-based solutions can reduce IT expenditures, including infrastructure, maintenance and life cycle costs, by as much as 54 percent, especially when compared to the high costs associated with older, on premise ERP systems.

Cloud BI has many advantages. With less hardware and software to buy, install, tune or upgrade, consequently fewer IT people will be needed to manage operations. Applications upgrade easily and can be scaled seamlessly. That drives down costs and speeds delivery. Small- and medium-sized companies use the cloud to gain the technology capabilities they need to compete with larger players.

Izenda is a purpose built embedded BI platform that is designed to be seamlessly deployed in applications deployed on the Azure cloud.

Our development and integration teams are committed and focused on the successful deployment of self-service embedded BI to ISVs and solutions providers developing in .NET. Izenda helps leverage the benefits of cloud-based computing through Azure.

The aspects of using Azure that keep costs lower and get your application to market quicker also create a faster ROI for the successful organization using BI. Izenda lets your application put critical data in the hands of end users across a business. As Izenda embeds within your application, the security you created for your product and your clients’ data remain in force. This seamless integration, thanks in part to the use of the Azure cloud, keeps your development team and your clients pleased.

Thanks to an increased emphasis and embedded BI, by 2013, almost two-thirds of the respondents to the BI Leadership survey had implemented reports/dashboards. Izenda’s lead product, Reports and Dashboards, fills this need for end users from within your application on the Azure cloud.

“What’s refreshing for me is that I can go in at any time of day and [run a] report on any metric in our organization, such as item received/delivered, inspected at the category, personnel, or employee level and track it by any time period,” says a vice president of operations at a mid-size technology recycling company in the BI in the Cloud report.

Primary BI workloads for organizations that have deployed in the cloud start with the beginning user workloads through these reports and dashboards: viewing (81%) and interacting (66%). Power users want to explore data in various data sources (52%), handled more easily through our Izenda Fusion add on. For those power users – or even casual users – Izenda Vision adds an extensible modern, HTML-based visualization framework for data. Visualizations are designed in HTML technologies like JavaScript, HTML, WebGL, CSS, SVG, and CSS3D and libraries like jQuery and D3. These highly interactive visualizations build themselves automatically off of your data tables.

We’ll continue to report on the Microsoft Build conference this week, bringing updates that relate to ISVs and solutions providers.

Izenda is an integration-ready .NET web application that allows organizations with on-premise, cloud, SaaS, and enterprise applications to deliver modern self-service reports, dashboards, and visualizations.

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