Izenda Tested Its BI Secret Sauce for Sure Fire Success

By July 28, 2016Embedded BI

Woman listening to podcast-hear Izenda's Lee Nagel explain the secret sauce for its embedded, self-service business intelligence.Ron Powell, an independent analyst and expert who works with the BeyeNETWORK and the Business Analytics Collaborative, recently got Izenda VP of Marketing Lee Nagel to reveal “The Secret Sauce for Embedded BI and Analytics.”

The resulting podcast can be heard through the B-eye Network as Powell discusses Izenda’s embedded business intelligence and analytics capabilities. During the podcast, Lee explains how Izenda serves the independent software vendor industry. He shows how this benefits ISVs in their quest to provide BI and analytics for users, some of which are outlined below.

(Listen to the full podcast at b-eye-network.com for additional insight into self-service, embedded business intelligence.)

Seamless Integration with ISV’s Applications

Izenda delivers a platform with robust functionality. ISVs can easily and seamlessly integrate the BI platform inside their applications – the same applications that their customers use every day.

Izenda works with independent software vendors, solution providers and enterprises who look to develop an application. We’ve had software companies in the ERP space, human capital management, logistics, supply chain, medical, healthcare and government and any other type of application where you are doing reporting and there is a need for ad hoc reporting.

Software Vendors Maintain Their Brands, Not Izenda’s

Most end users never know they use Izenda every work day. The white label solution enables software vendors to maintain their brands.

“For the ISV, that is absolutely paramount. They want to build their brand and have their users thinking about their application. Other applications on the market retain the BI software’s branding in several key places,” Lee told Ron in the podcast.

ISVs can change the fonts, color and other styles to match their own applications.

Some BI Vendors Embed Output, Not Report Creation

User adoption stalls when the business end user can’t take advantage of the application. If you can’t show them the value your application and its features offer, don’t expect them to sing your praises. A self-service BI platform should empower them to create, customize and consume reporting. By displayed the data in tables, visualizations and dashboards that the user can create or choose, you’ll give them an opportunity to develop business insight.

Download the B-eye Network’s podcast to hear more about using Izenda’s “secret sauce” for embedding self-service business intelligence into your application. Or download the transcript of the podcast.

 The Secret Sauce for Embedded BI and Analytics