Izenda’s Bright Future in the Embedded BI Market Recognized

Izenda gained recognition for our embedded BI and analytics platform, which features self-service for reports, dashboards and visualizations.Solutions Review named Izenda as one of six Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2017 and beyond.

But that’s just one of the ways Izenda and our self-service, embedded BI and analytics platform gained recognition recently. Owler named Izenda HOT in Atlanta, and YourDailyTech.com said embedded BI makes Izenda stand out in the market.

Izenda on Solutions Review’s Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch List

Solutions Review, which brings all of the most relevant content about Business Intelligence and Data Analytics together in one place online, put Izenda on its Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2017 list.

Solutions Review’s Timothy King wrote, “Embedding analytics into existing workflows helps business users gain access to the capabilities they need without having to go outside of the environments they use daily to do so.”

The software companies who OEM and embed our self-service analytics platform have been telling us this for years. They want BI and analytics inside their applications for their end users. Few BI tools that claim embedded status truly become part of a business application’s workflow.

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The embedded BI market continues to grow. As King noted, MarketsandMarkets said the embedded analytics market should reach $46 billion in 5 years. That’s nearly double the amount expected by the end of 2016.

Given Izenda’s unique approach to the embedded BI and analytics market, we were honored to be recognized in this list.

Many BI solutions and platforms that provide an “embedded” option don’t give end users the ability to create their own reports, dashboards and data visualizations. They typically have distinct design instances that are administered by developers working on desktop applications to generate these new reports and dashboards. Then they publish and embed the output into the application. This provides a degraded self-service experience.

Another technique used to make a claim about embedding BI is to use iFrames. That fails to meet our definition of embedding. It also exposes your platform and data to additional security issues. Good luck getting iFrames for analytics to work on mobile devices. They generally fail all attempts to make them responsive.

Izenda integrates into existing applications. This enables software companies to put self-service into the hands of users who know the data they need to make a decision. User adoption increases with the ability to customize the experience by role or user. Empowering business users to create and manage the analytics they need frees up developer time to focus on improving the core application.

YourDailyTech.com Says Embedding BI Makes Izenda Stand Out

The uniqueness of Izenda’s approach to helping software companies embed self-service into their applications was further recognized in a recent review in YourDailyTech.com by Daniel Morton. He says that “A critical portion of what makes the Izenda offering stand out from its competitors is in the name – it’s an embedded platform. Its design, to allow business clients to embed the platform into existing software applications, is not indicative of all BI platforms on the market today.”

YourDailyTech provides reviews of software solutions as well as information about Business Intelligence, Big Data and IoT.

Izenda Wins Owler’s ‘Hot in Atlanta’ Award

Owler, an Internet publisher of business information so companies can gain a competitive advantage, also announced Izenda won a HOT In Atlanta Award as a trending company.“Izenda

It’s the second year for Owler’s HOT In City Awards. They sifted through more than 15 million companies to pick winners from 600 cities. Metrics used to pick the winners include how many Owler followers a company has, community insights, social media followers and blog posts over the past year.


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