4 Ways Reports Can Enhance Your Product

Reports Can Enhance Your Product

The need for data analytics to support business decisions continues to grow. Reporting empowers your users when it comes to these business decisions. They give users the ability to find answers to their business questions quickly through the analytics.

Because of this, reports have a lot of value within an application. From scheduled operational reports to ad hoc reports for visual data discovery, you can use a report feature in many ways within your product.

96% of top performing companies say ad hoc reporting improves business performance.

Business users today are tech-savvy and want the ability to generate their own reports and dig into the details of the data on their own, without involving anyone like IT. They are curious about the underlying trends of the data and want to discover new opportunities through this data. They want to be in control and receive information at lightning speed.

Here are 4 ways reports can enhance your product or application:

Enhances user workflow.

Reports displayed within your product shortens the time your users spend to get the information they are looking for. Did you know that 92% of top performing companies agree ad-hoc reporting shortens the time to information and insight? Saving time and decreasing the number of people that need to be involved strengthens the workflow.

Users no longer need to rely on IT.

Similar to the point above, reports within your product mean your users no longer have to rely on IT to generate these reports. According to Starfleet Research, 42% of business users had to wait “too long” for IT to fulfill their requests for new reports. By the time they receive the reports, the data is old and useless. When you are able to empower your users with their own reporting features, they no longer rely on anyone else.

Allows you to learn more about your own users.

When you give your users the power, you are able to see the data they are using and the workflow that makes the most sense for them. You can use your own data to learn about your users and in turn, make your product better for them.

You charge your users more.

Reporting increases value for your application’s users. It provides them an opportunity to get this information they need when they need it. Reports also allow them to discover new data and trends. This increase in the value of your product allows you to in turn charge more.

What happens when you don’t have reports available within your application? If you spend time developing custom reports each time a client requests one, you take away valuable development time from your application. This also makes your clients wait for answers, diminishing your value and your product’s value.

Self-service BI provides ad-hoc reporting and data discovery tools that can answer users’ questions as they arise. This allows business users to take a proactive approach to decision making.

Our solution makes adding real-time reporting fast and easy because it’s purpose-built for OEM and embedded use. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.

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