Ample Organics Embeds Izenda Self-Service Analytics into its Seed-to-Sale Platform

Ample Organics integrates Izenda self-service embedded BI and analytics.

Izenda entered an integration partnership with Ample Organics, the most widely adopted enterprise seed-to-sale platform in Canada.

The enterprise software solution embeds Izenda’s self-service business intelligence and analytics solution to leverage the datasets of more than 60 percent of licenses Canadian medical marijuana producers.

The Ample Organics software application drives compliance with Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, (ACMPR). Ample Organics is the infrastructure of the Canadian marijuana industry and serves as the system of record for controlled inventory at every stage of the manufacturing and fulfillment process. Almost two-thirds of the medical marijuana patients across Canada are registered on the Ample Organics platform.

Business Intelligence Benefits More Than Just Customers

“Beyond the advantages that business intelligence brings to our customers, we have the opportunity to leverage these massive datasets to better understand cannabis both as a medicine and as a business,” said John X. Prentice, president and CEO of Ample Organics.

Izenda enables customers of Ample Organics to easily analyze thousands of data points collected for improved quality assurance, operational efficiency, compliance, and generalized reporting.

To learn more about this integration partnership, read this release: “Ample Organics Brings Izenda’s Embedded Self-Service BI and Analytics Platform to Licensed Marijuana Industry.”

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