Clinical Research Firm Updates Self-Service BI, Technology

By February 16, 2016Customer Success

Theradex chooses Izenda for its embedded self-service business intelligence solution.An international contract research organization, Theradex® provides complete professional services for the clinical research and development of pharmaceutical compounds, medical devices and diagnostic tests in the areas of oncology and life-threatening diseases. Theradex customers depend on the company for clinical research and development. They need the data collected in that research to be managed. And as most work within regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, security and regulatory compliance has to be observed.

Increasing Technology Demands

To meet increasing demands in the pharmaceutical industry and to continue their strong legacy of delivering exceptional research and service, Theradex developed the Automated Clinical Evaluation System (ACES). The application enables the company to show clients the value of their research and clinical trials. Technological demands also drove Theradex to improve their business intelligence solution for reporting. The ACES application is web-based, so the company had to find a BI solution to replace its internal system. After considering the development of a homegrown solution, the company ultimately picked Izenda’s platform in a classic build vs. buy decision.

Need for Advanced Business Intelligence Functionality

Theradex wanted .NET integration, application flexibility and dashboard functionality. Flexibility was essential for the BI solution so that they could create their own, unique solution for clients. The company also needed contour plot visualizations and an advanced filtering mechanism unique to their application and data, something the flexibility of Izenda’s BI solution enabled. Complex report creation, form-based reports and visualizations sold them on Izenda.

Theradex needed a BI solution that could reside on premise on their servers. Due to regulatory and privacy requirements, data and applications could not be cloud-based or on an outside server. Izenda’s ability to inherit the Theradex security settings down to the user and row level was critical. Izenda aligns with the security requirements of the ACES application, giving Theradex and its clients peace of mind that their data will remain secure.

Theradex can white-label and seamlessly integrate Izenda into their ACES application. Integrating the Izenda BI solution reduces the development resources needed to manage business intelligence, including report building. That will enable Theradex to focus on its core business. Izenda’s self-service BI functionality complements and enhances the usability of ACES application.

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