Embedded Maps Give Your Users More Data Insights

desktop computer displaying an Izenda dashboard with a map on it

Sometimes a map offers the best opportunity to understand those metrics you’ve been following. Izenda comes with Highchart’s Highmaps fully integrated and ready to use, part of the extensible library of powerful visualizations available in our platform. It gives you high-level and regional geographic breakdowns of every country, as well as state, province and county (or parish) breakdowns within the United States and Canada. You also get the latitude and longitude coordinates for countries, regions, counties, cities and postal codes.

Your customers can use Izenda with Highmaps to produce interactive maps to display sales, election results or other geographically-based data.

How Can Maps Improve Analytics?

One of the earliest examples illustrating trends with maps helped find the source of a deadly disease. Dr. John Snow plotted cholera deaths on a map of London, identifying a single well as the source of contaminated water that caused 578 cholera deaths. More common uses of maps today include plotting sales by account executives’ territories, or calculating where most of your company’s sales originate.

Maps that display orders over set time periods can quickly expose trends, and deeper insights into the data also. It seems obvious that a sales executive selling winter parkas could do better with a territory in Canada than a coworker who covers the southern United States. But why did all parka sales stay low into late December, even for northern territories? Add temperature trends to the map and you might see that lows stayed well above freezing even late into the year. By adding in long-term forecasts, the map can display future sales trends as well.

Stay Responsive with Izenda, Highmaps

Since Highmaps, like Izenda, is responsive and mobile ready, it adapts to any device, with support for multi-touch gestures. Highcharts customers include the Wall Street Journal, IBM, MasterCard, GE Healthcare, Microsoft, Facebook and StackOverflow. You can learn more about Highmaps at their website, and view a collection of the Highmaps and map demos that come with the Izenda platform.

Other 3rd Party Mapping Components

However, if your customers need something different or in addition to Highmaps, you can use other third party mapping components. Izenda is open enough that customers can add custom report part types, or use existing visualizations within our reports and dashboards through Forms.

Creation of a custom report part type will require access to the front-end source code. You’ll find it simpler if your goal is to render items designed elsewhere through Izenda’s Forms functionality, which allows you to use the other mapping libraries. It’s a simple matter of rendering a map within a Form using HTML.

For this method, these two HTML embeddable mapping libraries could be used:

Learn More about Izenda Maps

Go beyond tables and charts to show your users what their business world looks like by integrating Izenda’s interactive geographical data visualizations. See how you can integrate maps into your application in a free demo customized for your business needs.

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