G2 Crowd Ranks Izenda in Top 5 for Embedded BI

Reviewers and analysts continue to recognize Izenda’s embedded, self-service BI and analytics platform in 2017 after a successful run in 2016, most recently with G2 Crowd naming us to the Top 5 in Embedded BI for Small Business.

We expect this to continue through the rest of the year with the release in January of our 7 Series platform. The Izenda team developed the 7 Series, leveraging thousands of OEM deployments to provide embedded self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose-built for software companies, solutions providers and their customers. The launch came at the 2017 Izenda Embedded BI User Conference.

G2 Crowd recently named Izenda to its Top 5 Embedded Business Intelligence Software for Small Business list. The business software review platform also recently released its latest Embedded Business Intelligence Software Grid, naming Izenda as a high performer. Strong customer satisfaction marks earned the designation for Izenda.

The business software review platform set specific criteria for inclusion into its Embedded BI Software Grid:

  • Be sold primarily as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product
  • Consume data from any source
  • Transform data into a useful and relatable model
  • Support data modeling, blending, and discovery processes
  • Create reports and visualizations with business utility

Also in January, Solutions Review updated its Business Intelligence Buyer’s Matrix Report. Izenda took its spot on the matrix as one of the top BI vendors as established by Solutions Review.

Solutions Review emphasized the strengths of vendors that focus on a particular space in the market. They noted that focusing on embedded BI enables solutions providers like Izenda to become experts at developing a narrower piece of software that works for its users. “As a result, the vendor increases efficiency and overall quality and decreases the time it takes to deploy the solution organizationally.”

This comes after Solutions Review named Izenda as one of six Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2017.

“The software companies who OEM and embed our self-service analytics platform for years have told us that as software product teams developing business applications discover what is possible, growth of the embedded sector will accelerate – and it has,” said Lee Nagel, vice president of marketing, Izenda. “They want BI and analytics inside their applications for their end users. To date, aside from Izenda, few BI tools claiming embedded status truly become part of a business application’s workflow.”

Industry analyst Martin Butler said Izenda’s 7 Series cuts reliance on IT considerably. “It is also appealing directly to the self-service analytics market through the very friendly user interface and the Admin GUI, allowing skilled business users to pretty much control their own BI environment,” he wrote on the Butler Analytics website. The introduction of a BI Portal means companies can use Izenda as a standalone BI environment, complementing embedded BI functionality.

MarketsandMarkets predicts the embedded analytics market will reach $46 billion in five years. It will almost double 2016 figures.

Solutions Review reports, “Embedding analytics into existing workflows helps business users gain access to the capabilities they need without having to go outside of the environments they use daily to do so.”

The Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch designation was just one of Izenda’s honors in the final quarter of 2016.

Owler, an Internet publisher of business information, picked Izenda in the second year of the HOT in City Awards. Owler recognized Izenda as a trending company. The organization sifted through more than 15 million companies to pick winners from 600 cities. In Atlanta, that meant studying 20,000 companies on how many Owler followers each has, community insights and blog posts over the past year.

In addition, YourDailyTech.com’s Daniel Morton said in a review that “A critical portion of what makes the Izenda offering stand out from its competitors is in the name – it’s an embedded platform. Its design, to allow business clients to embed the platform into existing software applications, is not indicative of all BI platforms on the market today.”
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