Is HTML5 the Future of Dashboards?

HTML5 is a better choice for software developers as Flash gets phased out even by Adobe.You can’t have a discussion about HTML5 without prefacing it with the statement “Flash is dead.” It seems like we have been talking about the death of Flash for about as long as people were talking about the iPhone killer. While it seems that the iPhone isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon, late 2015 moves by Google, Android and Apple all put finishing, if not the final nails, in the Flash coffin.

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Developers have been wondering if their next flash app was their last flash app ever since Steve Job’s memo came out in 2010. Let’s face it: Flash is a security risk. Developers have known that for quite some time. It’s why there were 170 flash updates between 2008 and 2015.

Flash was simply a platform that had been developed for a different time. Its longevity is a testament to how widely used it was. It was simply the single platform that was used for animation and rich media ads for quite some time. The fact that so many ad makers insisted on continuing to use it long after it became a major security liability shows how embedded into the internet framework it really was.

With Chrome stopping flash support, Firefox automatically blocking older flash content and, with even Amazon removing Flash ads, the end is in sight.

The Move to Mobile

The internet is preparing to move on from flash and there are platforms out there that never adopted it well in the first place. While flash had earned its place among the laptop and desktop browser crowd, it never really made the transition to mobile spaces. Flash really never grabbed hold in mobile spaces, but HTML 5 did.

Is HTML5 Ready for Prime Time?

It took 17 long years for HTML 5 to finally get released. When it did come out, there wasn’t as much fanfare as might have been expected, because there was skepticism that it would be able to replace native apps.

It seems the winds of favor are blowing in HTML5’s direction, though. YouTube now defaults to HTML5 for all of its videos, with Google supporting the move with Chrome, as well; even Adobe, the creator of flash, is moving away from it with their Adobe Animate platform.The time for HTML5 may be upon us.

Developers are wise to save time by developing a browser-based application and using HTML5 instead of having to create wrappers or custom solutions just for the mobile space.

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