Izenda Puts Actionable Data in Medical Supply Team’s Hands

Portrait Of Female Doctor Using Digital TabletIzenda’s embedded business intelligence (BI) platform was chosen for its ease of integration, superior OEM/White Label Approach and licensing and because it allows their organization to be more efficient by focusing on their core technology instead of maintaining developer tools and internal BI solutions.

Atlanta, GA May 20, 2015 — Izenda continues to leverage its industry-leading embedded self-service business intelligence and analytics solution in the healthcare industry, most recently with a major surgical supply chain software solutions organization.

Hospitals need a data rich, real-time unified surgical supply chain platform that allows them to reduce on-hand inventory levels, improve patient outcomes, decrease wasted time and materials, and dramatically improve provider and patient satisfaction scores. The latest Izenda client developed a system using the latest technology and can be deployed in a variety of healthcare supply chain environments—from materials management through patient billing.

Creating their own semi-custom reports and dashboards first, and then leveraging disparate developer and in-house development tools didn’t work for this particular medical supply chain software vendor. So they chose Izenda’s platform, which can be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s core application.

Patient safety is where the major surgical supply chain software vendor’s leadership team believes the company creates the biggest impact. Picking the correct parts and supplies out of a 15,000-plus in the supply room is vital, as the operating room (OR) surgical team sometimes doesn’t find out if they have the right inventory until the patient is under anesthesia.

A delay caused by a search for the correct inventory will keep as many as 12 medical professionals—nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologist and more—tied up for that time, and delay any procedures scheduled for later in that OR, or with those hospital staff members. However, cost savings is not the only ROI driver.

Every part has a bar code that is scanned as it is picked with the use of a handheld device. Shift supervisors will see these errors in real time in the dashboards on a big screen in the stockroom, while an operations manager might view a daily report to check for trending problems on a desktop or tablet in her office. The operations manager drills down on the dashboards and finds out why problems are occurring. All of these users are transitioning across multiple devices making Izenda’s fully responsive interfaces a must.

“Much attention has been made about the Internet of Things. However, this healthcare industry software vendor has been leveraging devices, sensors and bar codes for years to make a real impact not only in the health care industry, but in people’s lives. Izenda is focused on being the leader in embedded self-service BI solutions that are usable enough to impact all levels of an organization. Integrating Izenda’s platform into their core application puts actionable data in the hands of a variety of users,” remarked Lee Nagel, VP of Marketing at Izenda.

About Izenda
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