Purpose-Built Embedded Analytics Proven for Sure Fire Growth

Purpose built embedded BI and analyticsImagine a world where data is powerful, visual, and monetizable – where you and your team have time to focus more on your core application. Izenda enables you to realize this with purpose-built embeddable BI and analytics for software product teams.

But what does this really mean for your software company? First, we need to understand what that term means. A purpose-built product is designed to meet specific business requirements as defined by the customer and its application requirements.

Izenda designed an embedded BI and analytics platform for software companies. Historically embedding BI meant the embedding of output in an application. The BI platform itself wasn’t embedded, nor were elements of report and dashboard design.

So in this historic use case, the software company’s developers remain involved in their customers’ utilization of BI with their application. Often that requires working with desktop-based tools that publish out the reports and dashboards these developers designed into the core application. These reports may be interactive, offering some elements of self-service. But embedding reports without the ability to create new reports does not empower business users of your application with self-service BI. This historic model requires developers to create and maintain reports.

Software companies need a competitive advantage within their industry. Their success depends on the ability to grow or improve the current platform. To remain competitive, they need a BI solution that works with their product. It also requires their development team to keep their focus on the company’s core application so that they can get it to market quickly.

They can’t afford to spend too much money and integration time on a BI platform. They may even feel the need to abandon a faltering BI project. But even having to fix or retrofit the BI project can slow down deployment of the core application.

If a software company fails to successfully integrate BI and analytics into their application, strategic business goals that depend upon feature growth may be missed. Revenue growth is a reason 87% of top performing software companies deploy self-service BI. And 94% of them say self-service BI has been successful or very successful in terms of achieving the desired business results.

Before Izenda entered the market, software companies had to settle for less than complete embedded BI and analytics solutions. At Izenda, we built our BI and analytics platform to work for your users, your data and your product. The Izenda platform embeds into your core application to integrate seamlessly within business users’ workflow. These end users can design and create reports and dashboards that let them go where the data and their analysis takes them.

That nearly seamless workflow hits a speed bump if your customers need to access a third-party BI tool outside of your application. At Izenda, our purpose-built platform integrates seamlessly into the workflow of your application. This unique invisibility of a third-party tool to your customers extends through its white label nature. Izenda adopts the branding of your application, making it invisible to business end users as a distinct application.

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