Gigaom Research Paper Stresses Embedded, Self-Service BI

Gigaom Research this week released a white paper stressing the importance of embedding modern BI (reporting, dashboards and visualizations) in a user’s work application. The report, titled “Embedded Analytics in the Self-Service BI Enterprise,” was underwritten by Izenda.

Paper CoverThe white paper explores:

• Why reporting, dashboard, and analytical solutions should be embedded in applications.
• Why BI solutions should democratize access to data and lift the burden from IT and data science teams.
• Why reporting functionality should have a professional look and feel that is natural for users.
• Why adopting a third-party solution is usually the most sensible approach for ISVs and solutions providers.

Download a free copy of the Gigaom Research white paper.


Users Don’t Want Separate Application

“A generation of users that has been brought up on mobile and browser-based applications that are self-contained is unlikely to accept switching to a separate application to access BI features,” Gigaom Research analyst George Anadiotis, the report’s author, wrote.

Democratization of data can be achieved by enabling access to transactional databases (or read-only copies) rather than creating separate analytical databases.

Self-service BI should have the proper security framework for user authorization and access rights, according to Anadiotis. “A security framework must not overlay itself on existing application security, but rather integrate seamlessly so it becomes an organic part of the application,” he wrote.

Arguments Favor ‘Buy’

How do ISVs and solutions providers deliver easy-to-use, self-service BI embedded in an application? Anadiotis writes about the build-versus-buy decision: “Arguments tend to favor “buy” because these organizations lack core BI expertise and often spend too much time and too many resources building and maintaining it in-house.

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